Male customer’s feedback: «I absolutely love wearing Vanity Fair panties

Male customer’s feedback: «I absolutely love wearing Vanity Fair panties

Male customer’s feedback: «These panties are without a doubt my favorite of all the styles I have. The soft silky material gets more comfortable the more I wear them.Being a guy, I would recommend these panties to any and all my girl friends.»

Male customer’s feedback: «I definitely agree, the solid colours are Nylon whereas the print ones are polyester. Be warned men. Otherwise one of the very best!»

They feel so silky and soft, when you slip them on. When I put on my jeans, they slide on so easily over my silky smooth VF panties. Even though I am am a guy, I love to wear my favorite Vanity Fair nylon panties. They are the best!»

This difference makes the panties less soft and more restrictive which is more troublesome for men who love this particular style

Male customer’s feedback: «I am a Male Nurse. I do a lot of walking and sometimes running when I am on duty. I know men are not supposed to be wearing Women’s panties, but I find the comfort from wearing VF Perfectly Yours, compared to my own cotton briefs cannot be matched. I have already ordered VF panties many times from Her Room, and never ever was I disappointed. Thanks Her Room!!»

Male customer’s feedback: «Good man’s panties these feel good nylon panties are suitable for a man. The gusset seems a little wider than before (perhaps thinking of fellows) and the front offers ample support. The gentle leg elastic keeps everything inside the panties (no fallout) and the simple waist doesn’t shout «ladies panties!» if it peeks over your slacks. The large choice of colours allows you to match thinner outer.»

Male customer’s feedback: «I am a male, and have been buying lingerie from Her Room since I was eighteen years old. I am sending this comment concerning Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours panties.GREAT!! I do not know if you (Her Room) realize what a great service you provide for males who for whatever reasons, prefer wearing panties then regular male undies. As a male, I say thank you!!»

Male customer’s feedback: «For a man who wears panties 24/7 and has all of his life these panties are the best, they are roomy where a guy needs it but still soft and silky enough to give a nice caress all day long. The nice sales lady at Macy’s told me that she has many male customers who prefer these and the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Briefs, my other favorite panty.»

Male customer’s feedback: «Vanity Fair Ravissant panties are the best, You can accumulate quite a collection of colors if you check every month or so. They are great for men too.»

Male customer’s feedback: «I absolutely LOVE these!

So soft and silky! Great for guys and gals both! I suffered and endured that coarse, abrasive, chaffing stuff that passes for men’s cotton underwear for way too long. The first time I tried one of these on, I was in heaven! Guys: End your misery with your men’s cotton underwear. Try a pair of these on once. You’ll be glad you did!»

Male customer’s feedback: «I would like to say that I am male and I am a male nurse. In the hospital I wear a nylon top and pants uniform. My wife suggested I try wearing a pair of her Vanity Fair Ravissant Tailored briefs. At first being a male, I thought no, then I did try a pair on (plain white) and found them to fit and feel great!! Thank you HerRoom. I now wear them every day. More and more I see males doing the same.»

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