If we had another day here I would spend it there

If we had another day here I would spend it there

We hopped the bus back and made it to the bus station at 2:50 which is when we were supposed to be picked up. After sprinting back to the hostel and waiting ten minutes one of our buddies behind the desk gave me this quote, «In Brazil people are always late. Unless that is, you expect them to be, in which case they will be early. But never will they be on time. When we arrived, he explained he was chaffer, receptionist, waiter, and maintenance for the day. We began by changing into our robes and drinking fabulous green and rose tea. Off then the «wet sauna» or as I call it, steam room.

Then to the Japanese garden bath, a body scrub, and a massage. I literally feel like a new girl and this is the first time Sarah and I have felt clean in weeks. It was a blessing. Thanks Blaine, we love you. Hans recommended a restaurant to us and when we it failed to be open for our American (early) taste we wandered across the street and into a wonderful restaurant lit by candle light and live music. Yes Sarah and I have has a fully romantic day. Needless to say my body is cleaned and relaxed I am actually full and I’m falling asleep writing this. So bedtime. Blaine changed his tickets ps. Countdown to 3. Soooooo excited.


Sorry it has been a little while since I last wrote. I’ve been kind of lazy and a bit busy! Hmm lets see, Brazil has been treating us very well! We did however, get pretty burnt the first or second day that we were on the beach. Im talking BURNT. It was pretty painful, but we survived and now were tan! Yay! 🙂

We have met some pretty cool people while in Brazil! Our friends from Spain left, which was kind of disappointing, however our friend Zion has been great. He is from Isreal, but has traveled to Brazil many times before, speaking Portuguese and English fluently! Very helpful for us, as he can help us translate! He likes to sing to us too! We love him! 🙂

Trina and I have been going on walks every morning and night, since we haven’t been keeping up with our daily runs! The walks do pay off though! The sunsets here are absolutely amazing. Just like you see in pictures:)

We took a 4 hour bus ride today to Paraty. We will be here for 3 days and then back to Rio. It’s a smaller city, located right on the beach! They are known for there beaches! Yay. I LOVE the beach! Playing in the water is most exciting and fun for me:)

Thanks to Trinas AMAZING boyfriend Blaine, we will be treated to a day at the spa while in Paraty! (Our Christmas present from him!) We are beyond excited for this! Oh to be pampered! 🙂

Well that’s it for this blog. I am off to bed! I hope everyone is well and we will be in touch again soon! Sending Love to everyone.


I feel better today. My burn is calming down. I seriously cannot believe that my lip has once again burned so badly it blistered! Painful. I’m telling you. The Tijuaca Forest was fun although I’m not a real fan of the tours here. We did get a fabulous shower in the waterfall that we climbed to which was like nature’s back massage. The rocks were so slippery but Sarah was like an expert. I www.hookupdate.net/es/fetlife-review slid down them in my ass so fast that I took out the tour guide and his shirt fell in the water. Haa. It was like a private tour since it was only the two of us. No monkeys tho which we were quite disappointed in. Then on Thursday we went on the day boat cruise which def did not follow it’s description but we did meet some cool people on it and get some views that we would be unable to from land.

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